Droonga 1.0.4 has been released!

Droonga 1.0.4 has been released!


About Droonga

Droonga is a distributed full text search engine, compatible to Groonga.

It is designed as a scalable data processing engine, based on a stream oriented processing model. In many operations (searching, updating, grouping, and so on), Droonga processes various data by pipeline. As the result, Droonga has large potential around its flexibility and extensibility. Moreover, those features provide high availability for people who develop any data processing engine based on Droonga. You can process complex operations by mixing operations, and you can add custom operations to Droonga via plugins written as Ruby-scripts.

Are you interested in Droonga? See overview for more details, and try the tutorial. You’ll understand how Droonga works with these documentations.

About this release

The current Droonga version is 1.0.4.

The most important topic on this release is that new command line tools to modify cluster composition easily. You don’t need to run various commands again and again anymore. See dump-restore tutorial and another tutorial to add/remove replica.

The release has the following improvements:


  • Droonga 1.0.4 has been released!
  • With new command line tools, now you can join/unjoin nodes for existing clusters easily.
  • Droonga project will release a new version every month!

Droonga project welcomes you to join us as a user and/or a developer! See community to contact us!