This documentation describes how to communicate with the Droonga developers and other users.

You can ask about Droonga related things on mailing list or GitHub issues. You can communicate with both the developers and other users on mailing list. You can communicate with only developers on GitHub issues.

If you have a question about how to use Droonga, mailing list is better. Because other users may have knowledge and provide it to you. Otherwise, the developers will help you.

If you find a Droonga problem, GitHub issues is better. The developers will solve your problem.

Mailing list

Here is the mailing list for Droonga:

GitHub issues

Here is a list of Droonga related the GitHub issues:

You can use the GitHub issues for Droonga Engine for general problem. The developers will move the created issue to suitable GitHub issues.

How to contribute to Droonga

Droonga project welcomes to your contributions!

Here is a list of contribution targets: