Droonga 0.9.9 has been released!

Droonga 0.9.9 has been released!


About Droonga

Droonga is a scalable data processing engine, based on a stream oriented processing model. In many operations (searching, updating, grouping, and so on), Droonga processes various data by pipeline. As the result, Droonga has large potential around its flexibility and extensibility. Moreover, those features provide high availability for people who develop any data processing engine based on Droonga. You can process complex operations by mixing operations, and you can add custom operations to Droonga via plugins written as Ruby-scripts.

Are you interested in Droonga? See overview for more details, and try the tutorial. You’ll understand how Droonga works with these documentations.

About this release

The current Droonga version is 0.9.9.

The release has the following improvements:

  • Plugin APIs for adaptation phase are stabilized.
    • Now you can develop any Droonga plugin which translates request and response messages, between the Droonga Engine and the client including the Protocol Adapter. See the plugin development tutorial for more details.
    • Plugins for other phases will become developable in near future, so please wait for the next release…
  • The built-in REST interface of the express-droonga generates queries more intelligently. For example, the search query for the URL “http://localhost:3000/droonga/tables/Store” will be named as “stores” from the table name automatically.

Why we ship Droonga 0.9.9 before 1.0.0?

On the previous release, we announced that we’ll release the version 1.0.0 today. However, now the version 0.9.9 is released. Why not 1.0.0? There are two reasons mainly.

First, plugin APIs were not matured yet. While we were brushing up internal operations of Droonga, we realized that it is hard to develop plugins, because current implementations were built on disorganized codes. Moreover, if people develop any plugin based on the current bad APIs and publish them, then they will become obsolete in very near future, because we define new plugin APIs which completely incompatible with the old one, on the version 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3. We thought that we should stabilize plugin APIs before the version 1.0.0 become public.

Second, we had to rethink the message flow around distributed operations. Droonga should support recursive distributions of messages, but the current message flow couldn’t describe such complex combinations of messages. To introduce such flexibility to Droonga, we had to reconstruct plugin APIs around distributing and collection phases. But rewriting of those mechanism takes much more time and we couldn’t complete it before today.

Then, we decided to postpone shipping of the version 1.0.0. 1.0.0 will be released at 2014-02-28.

Instead, we’ve stabilized plugin APIs for adaptation phase ahead of other phases. Now you can study how to develop Droonga plugins, via steps to develop plugins for adaptation phase.


  • Droonga 0.9.9 has been released!
  • Now you can develop plugins which translate request and response messages between the Droonga Engine and the client (including the Protocol Adapter). See the plugin development tutorial.
  • Plugins for other phases will become developable in the next release, 1.0.0.
  • 1.0.0 will be released at 2014-02-28.
  • Droonga project will release a new version every month!

Droonga project welcomes you to join us as a user and/or a developer! See community to contact us!