Droonga 0.7.0 has been released!

Droonga 0.7.0 has been released!


This is the first release of Droonga!

About Droonga

Droonga is a scalable data processing engine. Droonga uses stream oriented processing model. Droonga processes data by pipeline. Many operations such as search, update, group are done in pipeline. The processing model provides flexibility and extensibility. Droonga can also process complex operations by mixing operations. Users can add custom operations to Droonga as Ruby plugins.

Are you interested in Droonga? See overview. It describes more details. Then try tutorial. You will understand how Droonga works with these documentations.

Who does try it?

The current Droonga version is 0.7.0. It means “usable” not “stable”. The current Droonga provides basic core features but many other features aren’t implemented yet. Error handlings are also not perfect yet.

If you are interested in Droonga and you don’t care about try & error, please try the current Droonga! If you have questions, please contact us on GitHub issues. Or use mailing list in English (groonga-talk) or in Japanese (groonga-dev). We will help you.

If you are interested in Droonga but you don’t want to avoid try & error, please try again a few months after. Droonga project continues to develop Droonga actively and release a new version every month. You will get more usable Droonga a few months after.


  • Droonga 0.7.0 has been released!
  • Droonga 0.7.0 is usable but not stable.
  • If you’re brave, try Droonga 0.7.0!
  • If you’re not so brave, wait a few months.
  • Droonga project will release a new version every month!

Droonga project welcomes you to join us as a user and/or a developer!